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How to never say “I have nothing to wear”

I have nothing to wear
Lately I decided to refresh my style and give it a little update ! While getting inspiration from different pictures or fashion shows, I realized that I loved so many things and so many different styles… and that was the EXACT reason why I usually ended up buying things that didn’t fit my day to day life! 

For example, I’d end up buying a flashy pink top or a ruffled green crop top, you know the “really cute things that you know deep down you’re never gonna use in your daily life !” So what happened every time ? Well, I was excited at first, but then I stood up in front of my closet thinking… Damn I have nothing to wear !  And While Obviously I had things to wear, I actually had nothing that felt comfortable, and fit my everyday life ! So…I had to think of a new  strategy that I’m sharing with you…

Are you ready ? Take notes…✍🏻

  • Step 1 : Ask yourself the right questions

What are the things that you feel most comfortable in ? The things that you actually end up choosing when you are in front of your closet ? Do you feel comfortable in Dresses ? Super feminine clothes ? More masculine ? Edgy ? What is really your style ?

  • Step 2 : Visualize yourself and create a mood board

“Pinterest is going to be your new bestie!”

Personally, I realized that I wasn’t too comfortable in super feminine clothes and flashy colors weren’t fit for my everyday life, even though I could completely fall in love with a neon top ! I  realized that I always ended up choosing something to tone down a “too” feminine outfit like a masculine oversized blazer on a cute pink dress or maybe sneakers with a pencil skirt, I realized that the thing that made an outfit interesting for me was the contrast between feminine and masculine but also between minimalist and extravagant. Another thing that I realized is that I love natural color palettes but also black & white, so I decided to focus on that to create my aesthetic and my Moodboard

  • Step 3 : Opt for timeless chic pieces 

You need to have in your wardrobes some great basics like a beautiful black blazer, a well fitted white T-shirt, a great pair of jeans or simple beautiful trousers for work days. Make sure you have the basics because that is exactly how you’re going to build your outfits on a day to day basis. 

  • Step 4 : spice it up with some trends

Now that you have the basics , some great quality nice fitting jeans, great trousers, blazer etc, you can spice it up with some trends ! 

Obviously the 90’s made a huge comeback these past seasons… So for example, instead of choosing simple black trousers I personaly chose one with flare legs and a split.

Instead of going for a white simple T-shirt I opted for a shoulder pad T-shirt that I bought in many colors because it’s something very simple and yet it can elevate any outfit because of how it’s structured !

Instead of a normal tank top I chose a more fashionable option with a nicer cut .

Obviously, changing your wardrobe will take a little time unless you decide to give awawy everything and start all over, but now you have all the keys you need to go shopping for your dream wardrobe ! And remember when you buy something always ask yourself will I actually wear this ? If not ? Move on !

And Since I got a lot of question about my last shopping here are all the links !

Enjoy your next shopping
XoXo !

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