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Less is more ! Minimalist chic in black and white

First let me tell you YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG with this color combination, even Coco Chanel thought the same ! So trust me… I mean trust her…

Growing up, I tried so many different styles and lately I felt a little bit lost… Even though I would stand in front of the mirror thinking « Hey ! That’s a cute outfit » there was something missing. It didn’t quite feel like me, and obviously that’s normal because we evolve, we grow up and our style is affected by that. 

So I really took some time to analyze my wardrobe, to see what wasn’t working for me anymore and what I should change in my shopping habits to feel good in my clothes again read “The guide to Never say « I have nothing to wear » ever again !” And one thing I found, is that minimalist timeless pieces were such an essential thing to have in your wardrobe and they were exactly what I needed at this time !

When organizing this shoot, I thought of the most simple thing I could wear to capture this whole new vision I had of my current aesthetic and mood, and nothing was more perfect than I white shirt, black trousers and black sunnies ! 

This style for me is so Iconic and classy but you can twist it a little bit, for example wear an oversized shirt and don’t tuck It in,  you could wear slippers instead of heels for a more comfortable yet chic vibe or you could change the black pants with a great pair of jeans and keep the white shirt. Or even change the white shirt for a white tank top and add a blazer.

Get inspired with these ideas

As you can see, same aesthetic but so many great possibilities !

Fashion is my thing, but I find beauty everywhere... It's kind of a lifestyle !

Rime Challigui