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Mandarin Oriental – The luxurious Oasis

Marrakech is one of my favorite cities, it is so unique and has a special vibe that makes you forget everything and just feel like on vacation right away. This is why everytime I am planing a little week-end getaway I end up choosing Marrakech as my destination.

Ususally, I like discovering beautiful riads, but this time, I fell in love with the architure of « the Mandarin Oriental, a luxurious oasis near les jardins d’Agdal.

The particularity of the mandarin Oriental is that it offers travelers beautiful private villas and suites. We Stayed in a magnificent villa with its private pool, jacuzzi and the coziest chicest design ever. We were warmly welcomed by the Mandarin Oriental’s team and were assisted every step of the way by our Majordomo who handled everything for us, making our experience simply magical.

A little look at the Villa

We were also welcomed by beautiful amenities such as moroccan pastries, and I have to admit that was

“The best Kaab Ghzal I have ever Tasted in my life”

But there was also a chocolate tea pot which was amazingly realistic and such a sweet attention ! 

The most amazing part of the villa wasn’t even the pool or the jacuzzi but surprisingly the bathroom. A big space including a Hammam, a walk-in dressing, a bathtub and big mirrors.

The great combination of marble, black wood, dim light and natural light created a chic yet very homy atmosphere.

After a busy day of work, shooting new content we were advised to have dinner at the iconic restaurant of the hotel, the « ling ling ». A great restaurant with a lounge ambiance, a beautiful terrace that serves asian food. I dressed for the occasion of course with and asian inspired black dress printed with dragons which was perfect for the night !

If you go to Marrakech and want to have a great dinner, I really recommend you try the ling ling and their delicious « Dim sum » !

On our second day we took the time to rest a little bit. After breakfast, we rode bikes to check out the hotel’s little farm where they grow most of their food and went back for a swim.

For the first time, I went to Marrakech and didn’t even visit the city.  However, the hotel was so mesmerizing and peaceful we didn’t even feel the need to go out.
It was such a memorable experience and I really can’t wait to go back!


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