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Agafay Luxury Camp – The desert rose

What’s better than a camp in the middle of Agafay desert to recharge and get away !?

I wanted to visit this place for such a long time as I am always looking for new places to discover so we decided to spend a night there, and indeed it was such an incredible experience !

First of all we took a little road in the middle of the desert of agafay to arrive at our destinations and I really quite didn’t expect this place to be so beautiful. Once we arrived, we noticed many tents on the dunes. So we parked to go discover the place.

The camp has a restaurant, another tent where you can just chill and an infinity pool. Yep Yep you heard

An infinity pool in the desert, or as I liked to call it a view with a view ! 

We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered our room, I really felt like I was in some Indiana jones or Laurence of Arabia movie. I mean, can you imagine weaking up to this view or even taking a bath with this view ? So mesmerizing !

 Of course the hotel offers many options when it comes to activities. I personally opted for a quad tour in the dunes ( not that easy I might say, it’s very different from doing it in la palmeraie !!)

When the night came we had dinner in the camp’s restaurant I chose the lamb with prunes tajine, my favorite one ! And a Gnawa troup was there to animate that magical evening.

Finally, we went to our room and enjoyed watching the stars and from our little terrace.

Oh and you know that colorful stairway you see on Instagram ? Well it’s actually there, so grab your best outfit and go get your dreamy pics !

Fashion is my thing, but I find beauty everywhere... It's kind of a lifestyle !

Rime Challigui